Volkswagen Sucks

Volkswagon Sucks

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Received January 2006

I used to joke that my "little red jetta" (glx vr6 2002) was a brat...she was cute on the outside but a pain in the ass on every other account!
I should have seen the signs when i had to bring it back to the dealership the day after we signed the papers bc a light was coming on in the was fixed in about 5 minutes but non the less a taste of what was to come.
Within the first 9 months of having the car i had to have the coolant container replaced--i'm not the most car-saavy person but i have a general knowledge-- the coolant kept leaking and eventually they found that there was a holw the size of a half dollar in the container and that needed replacement...w/in the next few months I was driving home from college and on an exit ramp to check my car bc it "felt funny" as i attempted to cross the road i lost all power and all the gears where highlighted in the dash, if this wasn't bad enough, there was a large mac truck headed straight for me...luckily i gained enough power to barely scoot out of harms way. Upon taking this to the shop it was a transmission problem they had "never seen" so they had to call the national headquarters or whatever to find out what to do. cool. after this i've replaced the window clips a total of 3 times and have had to do all of the recalls that i'm sure you all have. I have had three different radios in the car (before it was 2 years old) because they kept shorting out and/or there was no volume on CDs. Most recently i had to replace the strut casings(whatever they are), replace the fuse box on the battery bc that fried, rplace the battery, oh and now i have to replace the battery again bc 15 hours after i paid and picked up my newly battery installed vehicle, I couldn't start it again. Apparently it was the alternator and again, an "unusual problem". And of course its been in the shop 5 times in the past 6 months (all since the warrenty was up affter 50K) and in the past 5 weeks alone its costed us close to $2000--PLUS car payments....i would be okay with putting money into a car at this level had it been at least 10 years old. i used to drive a 15 year old car and it ran like a dream then and probably still does today at 20!!! I bought this car for reliability...apparently i misread its future!(i know there' s been more but i've blocked most of my time with the jetta out bc it has not been pleasant!)
While the product itself has been awful, the service has only been good when you apply pressure on the service department...after being told by my usual dealership that they could only do one of the seat heater recalls bc i had "too much stuff in the back seat" i was informed a week later(when it broke down in a bd part of DC) that they were lazy and it could be done with 10 people crammed in the back. this is just the tip of the iceburg of istances. As a 21 year old i find that my word is not good enough and it has take my dad to stop by or a phone call from me to him to get them moving. Unfortunate seeing as the payments are coming in with my signature, huh?
anyways i'm extremely upset with VW as an entity...they don't even have a public mission statement(the first sign of poor respect for their product and consumers) I will actually be visiting our dealership tomorrow to discuss options because i will no longer risk my life for a cute from the outside car! ok back to doing more research on how much "VW's SUCK!" :)
all in all, i no longer call my car a brat, after all brat is an affectionate term, i hate this car and fear every time i sit be hind the wheel that something else will go wrong!
i wish you all the best of luck and hopefully you'll be driving something else soon!!


I worked at 2 VW dealerships and I am a licenced first class mechanic and have my own repair shop. I used to fix VW. It was great,the same problems over and over,from model year to model year. Now, I refuse to fix these cars,these customers are just too depressing. Most of them have several cars of different makes in thier possesion and are unable to understand why their VW reqires so much intervention. The engineers have designed a car that siphons off as much money as possible with a service network that provides the barest customer support. Our cars are perfect, the customer is always at fault or so it seems. Save your money, look elsewhere for a car that will not frustrate you. Good luck.


I have a 1998 VW Passatt. I bought the car new. When the car had 34,000 miles on it the ABS brake system went out. I was driving the car when this happened and all 4 rotors glowed like UFO,and nearly killed me because all wheels locked up at that time and it cost me $3400.00 to have it fixed. VW of America said the 100,000 mile warranty would not cover this problem. This to me was very much a Safety issue and they should have fixed it.
When it had 38,0000 miles on it the Power module went out and that cost me $500.00, and, again VW of America would not stand behind it. My car now has 45,000 miles on it, and is leaking oil very bad. When we took it in they said something was broke causing the leak, but the Power Train Warranty, again will not cover this. This will be about $1000.00 to fix. MY CAR ONLY HAS 45,000 MILES ON IT LOOK AT ALL THE PROBLEMS I HAVE HAD. What good is a 100,000 mile Power Train Warranty if they never fix anything that goes wrong. VW sucks, I will never buy another one, and I tell everyone I know, not to even think about buying a VW. I use to love VW's but now I HATE THEM. I HATE VW OF AMERICA!


Okay well glad to hear that my car sucks...I've had problems with my power windows and check engine light too, hmmm... Well anyways I'm stuck with it for now and I just had a little accident and was wondering if anybody knows how much it will cost to repair the hood. Its a 99 wolfsberg edition jetta. Its bent kinda bad on both sides. Any estimates?


Is anyone aware of some sort of oil sludge problem with the Passat 1.8 turbo model? I bought my car in 2001, and I've been told that VW sent out an announcement to dealers or customers around 2004 that you should only use synthetic oil, otherwise the engine is prone to an oil sludge problem. The "fix" for this problem is a couple thousand bucks, but it can potentially be more severe than replacing your oil pump, pipes, etc--you engine could get fried. Supposedly, VW extended a warranty to cover this, but I can't find anything on the VW web site about it.


I had 31,000 miles on my car and the engine blew because the pick up tube was clogged. My windows don't work, I have an electrical short and my lights go on and off, my top is broke so I have a buzzing noise for 30 seconds every time I make a complete stop and start, and the list goes on.
My car plates now reads VWSUCKS. I can't tell you how many people I have turned away from these cute little cars because everyone needs to know why my plates read what it does.


Received February 2006

I own a 98 JettaGLX. I had to replace the ignition coil and cooling system. All for the nice, fair price tag of $785.62!!!!
Last week the headlights starting going off while driving, the wipers wouldn't work and the heater wouldn't work. Was told to replace the ignition switch. I did that, then the radio wouldn't come on unless you pushed the key in and up! Brought it back, and they replaced the ignition and gave me new keys. So, now I have keys to open the door, and diffenet keys to start the carQ And guess what?! The radio is stuck in "SAFE" mode. Customer Care center coulldn't help except to say bring to a dearlership. I've already dished out $270 for ignitions and labor. It would've been cheaper to buy a new stereo for the car!! If anyone out there knows of a trick to getting the radio out of "SAFE" mode, please let me in on it! I have followed the directions in the manual, like I have done before without any problems, but it ain't workin'. I don't want to spend any more money on this. Starting to get very annoyed!


I did lot's of research on the Jetta's. I was convienced it was the car for me. I financed a 2002 VW Jetta GLS for 5 years.
2004 my check engine light came on, I called VW service and they told me to get it in right away. Well within a 5 weeks period my car went in 4 times. Twice to replace O2 sensor, then to replace CPU unit and finally it was the wiring harness. End of November of 2005 my light is on again. Call service and they WILL NOT pay for rental but I must bring it in. Light went off. Here it is January of 2006 and the light comes back on and starts flashing. I pull over called road side service, they tow car. Turns out it is a faulty coil pack. When I asked how it went bad I was told it heats up from the engine causing cracks and moisture got in. How is this MY fault. Shouldn't this be a recall!?? Maybe they need to install a heat shield!! Oh I was also informed that I need a new Cat. Converter, yeah, mine is defected. Also on back order of 3-4 weeks due to so many on back order..........Am I missing something here??? There must be something we can do, this not right. My car is almost 4 years old and I have 17 payments left, why all these problems???????? PS I should of bought a Honda.


One 2001 VW beetle (17,000 miles) bought from at a large used car dealership in Flint, MI 2002. When picking up the car the electric lock on the fuel door did not work. The car was taken in Bay City MI. (60 miles) for a $10.00 part.($135.00 flatbed fee)
After 6 month(25,000) miles the transmission locked into park. Car taken to Bay City, another under $10.00 part, car not under warranty(no wonder this car could bankrupt any company) upon picking up the car the brakes locked up. Break pads shot, rotors are made so thin they can't be ground or they would be illegal, service manager said " I wouldn't put these pads on a skateboard". I finally had the dealer put on pads only. $120.00 for brakes, 135.00 for transport of car. Also the right headlight keeps falling out, Fuel door works part-time, lousy fuel economy, terrible suffort from VW(the worst of the whole experience). Service person said, " Mr. Stevens, you probably should have bought another Subaru, they are less likely to be serviced for any problems and their customer support is much better than VW". This was over three years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. I wish I could tell you how many people heard this story when they asked me how I liked my beetle. Nuff Said!!!!!!!


Ladies and gentleman. I would like to thank you for this site,it has convinced me not to purchase a VW Jetta for my teenage daughter.


In 2002 I leased a VW Jetta VR6 full loaded. Well it was fully loaded with problems. After 3 months the transmission went, 4 car stereo's have been replaced. 5 tires have blown. The fans stopped working 2 yrs ago and cracked the coolant which shorted my entire electrical. This week 40,000km later the same thing just happened. The air conditioning went the heater has blown twice, the wind sled motor has blown and well the service department is horrible. I also replaced the brakes last year and now they are acting up again. I am returning the car early for fear it will blow up before the actual lease is over and VW is telling me they can't accept it early?? Why I don't know if they tell me its not a lemon then they should want to take this car back. Does anyone have any advice for me to get out of this nightmare!!


Sorry to here all the problems about the newer VW.I owned a 1981 rabbit it ran strong beat the shit out of it and still got my money back. so i bought a 1987 cabbrio / rabbit i beat the shit out of it to and still runs strong. except for the two rads i had to replace one in each car other than that i still own the 1987 feb/26/06. So if your going to buy a VW buy a older one. NEWER VW SUCK AND OLDER VW RULE.


My sister has an 01 Jetta 2.0 with 112K on the OD that is sitting outside of my house now with a bad automatic, stalling problems and a few other costly problems altogether totalling about 4,400.00.
The car has always burned oil and even at less that 20K I remember seeing large build up of black soot in and around engine compartment. My sister would dutifully add about 1 quart of oil per month from about 5k miles the present. The dealership told her it was normal for cars to burn oil like this and she believed them. After her lease was up she decided to purchase the car outright and I think that she was taken for quite a bit of money. I never said she was smart. I warned her a couple of times but her being head strong/foolish, I let her make her own mistakes.
She left it for me to do the repair but after looking on the net for info/pricing on automatics I unavoidably stumbled on many VW Horror stories. I never knew that VW had become so bad. Even before reading peoples' stories I would not have recommended VW just due to my sisters car but now I would be almost fanatical in NOT recommending them. It seems like suicide for VW to be this way and I liked how another poster put it "how long can VW keep this up?"
From my sisters car being so bad I can seriously estimate that I can keep about 20 or more purchases of VW's from happening through out the next few years. That is quite a loss for a company to have and compounded with all of your experiences and the people that you all influence with their car buying, this adds up to a huge loss to VW.
So now my advice to her is to cut her loss and I think that she is listening now.


I also have a VW. A 1997 golf. The "glove" compartment never has been opened. Both key locks on the doors simply fell off. I lost the remote when I went to get another one the parts person laughed and explain that they were not made any more. Because of this I can not lock my car. The alarm went off when I changed the battery and I could not turn it off. Cost me $110.00 toll and $340.00 to repair each lock. VW sucks sucks sucks. ohh the car leaks oil since the first year I got it( drive way is an inch full of oil) cost about 1,000 to fix the problem. VW el sucko.


Received March 2006



Than you,thank you sooooooooo much everyone for this info... getting ready to buy a new car. Undecided between V.W. or Toyota Scion...... Well Toyota dealer here I come..... Thank you again.


I leased a NEW 2006 VW Jetta 2/1. On 2/27 the car failed to start. The towing company took it to VW and kept it for three days and were NOT SURE what the problem was. Initially they thought it was something with my fuel line/ pump and this is located under the passenger pack seat. Then apparently it was a software program that needed to be updated. They loaned me a 6cyl gas guzzler, that I was responsible to leave a $100 deposit for. 3 days later when i went to pick up the car it was DIRTY from being in the shop, but I was so disturbed with the service departments ill temper towards me, that i disregarded the mess til later that evening. As I left the shop I requested a receipt for my records of all that transpired with my car, and they said they couldnít do so til they received the closing paperwork from the rent-a-car place and would mail it out to me on a Friday. It is now a week after that Friday and still no receipt. As i drove home I needed to apply my brakes harshly cause of a person stopping short infront of me, thus doing so my whole back seat rest came flying into the front back seats...luckily there were no children in the back seat or they would have been shot gunned out the window. Horribly upset I called VW to tell them of this occurrence and the mess of my car and they said that they were not in my back seat, they there was no reason for them to be back there and I must have done it myself. I hastily replied that this was unacceptable and that this is the way they gave the car to me. The service manager then told me that it wasn't his fault nor his responsibility and that the car must have been delivered to me like that when i bought it from them. I said, "well if it was like that when I bought it, and you delivered it to me like that, then your company is still at fault." The service manager said there is nothing he can do and call corporate offices. It is now a week and a half later and my ignition key won't turn, it felt like the wheel was locked and preventing the key to turn...finally after switching between my alarm key and the mechanic key i was able to start the car and proceeded on a work errand. On my way back from this errand, I was doing about 30mpg and the car shut off in mid drive. Luckily there was no other vehicles near me, that I was capable of starting my vehicle again. I immediately called VW (10:30am/Saturday)and the service department was closed so i asked to speak with a Manager and the receptionist stated he was busy why don't I call back later, I then called again about 11 and was put through to his voice mail and left a detailed message that car is unsafe to drive and I need something done. I called again at 11:45am and he was still busy and called again about 12:30 and put through to voice mail again and thus left another message. I now leave work and go to start my car and it doesnít start, its pulling the same problem it did a week ago when i brought it to shop. I immediately run back into work and call the manager again and he tells me there is NO loaner cars and the rent-a-car place is CLOSED at 12. Pissed that the man didn't return my calls and all this could have been avoided had he spoken to me initially at 10:30 when I called. He then proceeded to tell me to call around to rent-a-car places to find a vehicle. I said, this isnít my problem, this is your responsibility and I want a call back in 5mins with a car available. I then went outside to wait for a tow truck and proceeded to the dealership. Finally the tow came at 3 and we arrived at dealership at 3:30 and wasn't greeted or confronted about the situation...the manager finally comes over and says he doesn't have anything and I tell him I am not leaving til he finds me a car cause this is his fault and NOT MY PROBLEM. I waited til 5:30 and was ignored the whole time. The manager continued to help NEW customers and didnít proceed to make calls for my car arrangements. I finally got tired of waiting and the dealership was closing at 6pm so I asked him to give me a written letter of documentation stating I was in this dealership and NO ONE Could assist me and I had to leave with NO car. He wouldn't write it and said he would have a letter prepared on Monday and said if I am there at 9am that there would be a car waiting for me. I agreed, only because I was annoyed and about to punch him and said i would see him Monday and to please have my letter and my car ready for pick up. I am now preparing a letter with an attorney to get all my money back or a completely NEW Car. The moral of the story is that I leased a NEW car so I wouldnít have to make trips to the mechanic or worry about breaking down. This care is suppose to be #1 safety rated...well either I or a passenger would have been killed 2x's from the experiences I have had and was lucky to walk away from it. DON'T BUY A VW from LEGEND of AMITTYVILLE,NY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I was a loyal VW driver until this problem: My 2002 VW Golf TDI had 90,000 miles on it when, while in neutral, I tapped the accelerator and the engine revved excessively. I removed the key to no avail, after a few moments the engine had seized. A mechanic looked at it and told me that the "drive by wire" throttle had malfunctioned, and that he was shocked that there was no "rev limiter" on the car to prevent this malfunction from ruining the engine. This particular mechanic specialized in BMW's, and he told me that such rev limiters were common, and especially needed in Diesel engines that cannot withstand high rpm's and essentially have no ignition cut off that would permit turning off the engine should such a problem occur. He told that if this were a BMW, I would be entitled to compensation. VW America will only tell me that "the car is no longer under warranty" and that "if they get enough complaints about this problem from their dealers, they could be a recall and I would be entitled to something." Fat chance. This is my last VW; you don't purchase a car these days, especially a Diesel, and expect to get only 90,000 highway miles out of it.


Received April 2006

I purchased a 2003 Jetta 2.0 GLS brand new with zero miles on it. Since I've owned the car it's been in the shop more times that I can count. Not to mention that the service department was less than helpful. They basically told me that all cars have problems and that I would just have to deal with it. My car has been going through oil like a siv. I have to carry containers of oil in my trunk because my car chuggs the stuff. I had an emissions test run and that was fine and they checked for leaks and none were detected. So I asked VW what are they going to do about it since it's costing me an arm and a leg and they told me that my car consumed a normal amount in VW standards and that this car is known to burn oil (hmmm would have been helpful information when purchasing this vehicle). That piece of crap requires Synthetic's not cheap! Not to mention that my engine coolant system leaked into the electrical wiring and threw a crap-load of engine lights on my dash. Did I mention that my drive shaft solenoid was replaced at 15K because my car was locking into gears (automatic trans)? Oh yeah, and the transmission gets stuck occasionally. If I knew that this car was going to be a money pit I would have thought twice about purchasing it. Volkswagen has done nothing, or found nothing wrong with my car...of course not, that would mean that they would have to honor my warranties. I know that as soon as they run out VW is going to tell me that everything I have been complaining about previously was found in my car...except now I have to pay to fix it. What a scam! I've already contacted legal counsel regarding this issue.


I bought a 2001 GTI VR6 with 35K on it used. This crap bucket has seen the shop more than it has the road. When I purchased the car I had a diagnostic run on the engine...with a clean bill of health. Not less than a month later the transmission blows! Apparently 3rd gear melted due to a manufacturer default. So with hours of arguing with the service department, they honored my warranty and replaced it for free. Shortly afterwards I received a recall notice in the mail regarding my hazard switch (which was operating fine). After it was replaced it kept going off sporadically while driving. I've now been through 5 hazard switches and it's still broken. Upon my last return to VW, they told me that they weren't going to honor the warranty on my hazard switch and that I would have to pay when these a-holes were the ones who made me replace it in the first place. While there I noticed an insane amount of people all pissed off at VW for their car problems. So I decided to share my story. Later on that night when I got home I got a call from VW telling me that I couldn't get my car worked on anymore by VW because they said I caused a scene and was told to leave (which is total b.s. Ė my wife and kids were there). They also told me that I apparently told some woman not to buy a VW, which is completely untrue. They defamed my character and now I can't get my car worked on anywhere...which all VW owners can't go one month without the piece of crap needing service done to it. I have also contacted a lawyer and VW of America (which is about as useless as can be).


I purchased my "dream car" two years ago, a VW 2001 Jetta. It has been nothing but a nightmare. We've had it in the shop at least 10 times since then. Each time starts with the car running poorly, idling rough, and then the Check Engine Light comes on. I've been stranded several times, as my car just won't start. I'm so angry as I bought this car in good faith, and feel very frusterated. I'm going to start fighting back, by contacting VW of America, and looking into the lemon law. VW should stand behind their car, and either fix them at no charge, or should buy them back. Maybe if enough people got together we could file a class action lawsuit!


Three months ago I bought a 2000 VW Bug. I made the mistake of buying it at a Honda dealership. To make a long story short, I was told that they would not sell a car to me that was not safe. I was told that they put new brakes on it and two new tires. When they did not have the paperwork for the "work that they did," I became suspicious and took the car to a AAA garage. They were wonderful and informed me that the car was so unsafe that they couldn't believe that it has been released to me. The brakes and tires had not been replaced. The serpentine belt was ready to break at any moment. I'm lucky it didn't break while driving to the AAA garage. The dealership also committed fraud while selling the car as they asked me if I wanted the extended warranty (which is a joke). Not knowing that at the time, I said yes. The snake salesman said "Did you know what else we do? We even put on a new alarm system? Won't you like that?" He made it sound like it was part of the extended warranty, which turned out to be for two years, not five. The alarm turned out to be a separate warranty for, get this $1438, which included two other items but the cost for the alarm $799, total ripoff. They can't seem to come up with the paperwork to prove that they installed the new alarm which I think we all know they didn't install. I told them two months ago to cancel their bogus warranty which tho they claim they have, still has not shown up where I got the loan. When are these crooks going to be stopped from their overt acts of fraud and theft and arrested and put in prison. My little Bug seems to be doing really well right now. The AAA checked it out and said it is in excellent condition otherwise. I am so lucky. My beef with VW however, is that I am a small adult, 4'11" and they do not put a switch to turn off the airbags on the driver's side. They do have a sensor in the passenger side in case a child rides in that seat. I asked them how many big people buy the Bug and they said not many, that most people that buy it are small adults. I asked them why then don't they provide safety provisions for the driver regarding the airbag and they said they got my point. However, we all know that nothing will ever be done about it if we don't speak up. This makes no sense at all so please, if you are a small adult that has or will buy a smaller vehicle, please speak up. Your life is at stake.


VW GOLF 06 SUCKS!!!!! My first four days of having the car it went back to the dealer for 3 days for a micro switch which wouldn't lock the car. The second week it went back for a scratch that the monkeys put there. 3rd week went back for stereo and poor gas milage. 1mo car went back for noise in rear?? What a great beginning. I decided to move up north and 10 minutes into my trip I had a ESP lite come on. Stopped at the next vw dealer which I'm well knowledged on their locations. Told them to get rid of it so I didn't have to look at the lite for the next 1500 miles. Barely made it to Tennessee where I had transmission promblems. Got to Maryland where the back seat latch broke and experience my tranny slamming 2nd gear. Dealer could not duplicate the promblem. But they did manage to fix the seat only to have it break again before returning it too me. SO another week on waiting for parts, Got the call come get it. That was a sad face day, I got there tried the seat only to have it break in my hands. So 3x times now and I'm stuck paying for my lemon. About the dealership and VW Customer Service TOTAL JOKE!!!! All they say is we will stand behind the dealer recomendation. ANY ONE WANT A 6000 MILE 06 GOLF????????????


2002 Jetta GLS 1.8T: I have a love/hate relationship with this car. It is fun to drive: handles well, accelerates well, drives very smoothly at HIGH speeds (100+ MPH). Although, I feel I missed the boat in the Horsepower area; there are many new cars now that have 220-250 HP in the same price range. This car is also well-constructed in that, it feels solid inside and out. Many American cars in the same class seem flimsy and cheap to me.
Unfortunately, I must agree with many here that the quality is just not there. A few things that have gone wrong:
1)Ignition coils--was greatly inconvenienced twice because of this cheap little parts. Finally, they were recalled.
2)Cruise control--stopped working because of brakelight sensor. Again, recalled.
3)Power window--stuck in down position (of course). Reeeecaaalled.
4)Oil pan--stripped threads; oil pan (aluminum), drain plug (steel). Hard bolt + soft threads = stripped threads. Did not receive full warranty benefits for this, due to dealer f-up. That was the one and only time I went to Dryer-Reinbold, Greenwood, IN for service. That will be the last time. Duke Gold Speedway Subaru/Volkswagen took care of me; I continue to give my business to them. I get the feeling that they know they're working with poorly designed parts in many cases (although they try not to admit it) but they are trying to atone for ze Germanz faults. There has not yet been a recall on the oil pan, but there probably will be.
5)I've had a handful of other problems and recalls, but I don't "recall" what they were exactly. Obviously, nothing major, but still annoying.
Now my car is no longer under warranty. I dread the next problem; and, there will be more. Presently, when the outside temp. is below 50į F, my coolant light blinks. This happened to my bro-in-law who has a 2003 Jetta. His is still under warranty, and he had it fixed. It is just a sensor that would cost me $170 to get repaired. Needless to say, that will not be repaired. I'm saving my money for the major whammies.
The point I am making is this: why all the recalls? I have a feeling that these cars have a much higher than average recall count. The consumer report guide has a very poor rating for this car (at least the 2002's). C'est la vie. Live and learn is my motto. I will not buy VW again and will advise others against buying VW.
By the way, I've noticed people complaining about having to replace rear brakes prematurely. The wife of a friend of mine also had a Jetta. She had to replace the rear brakes at 30,000 mi. At this time, the service rep told her that she needed to use her parking brake. Apparently, the brakes re-calibrate when one sets the parking brake, even on auto-trans cars. At once, I began using the parking brake, and at 47,000 mi. I have not yet had to get new brakes. I hope that helps everyone reading this to save some $$$.


Received May 2006

I have a 2005 VW Jetta and since the purchase date of 11/2004 it's been in the shop CONTINOUSLY since I've had it! I'm having horrible transmission issues and I contacted an attorney in regards to the Lemon Law of Ca and have been dealing with VW (yes completely slow to respond) and now the service department that I was taking it too state that they can't "duplicate" the problem (even though it happens for me on a regular basis) and so it's pointless to even take it in to the shop anymore. My attorney is not very forthcoming with information on the case and it's been months now and my Jetta is a bigger piece of crap than it was a few months ago. I have no idea what to do, the resale value on it is crap, so trading it in isn't very financially smart, but I honestly don't know how much longer I can safely drive my Jetta. Well, I feel much better getting that off my chest....ha ha You should have seen how elated I was to see that I'm not the only person that knows that VOLKSWAGEN SUCKS!


I own a 97 Jetta GL and it has given me nothing but problems from day one. I have owned it less than 3 years and have accrued over $2000 in repairs. Had transmission replaced a year and a half ago due to water getting inside because a valve cover was missing. Luckily insurance covered all but my deductible since the water damage was hurricane related. I was given a 12 month warranty which is now expired, and guess what? It's in the shop once again needing $2800 to rebuild the transmission. The POS isn't even worth that much. Unfortunately I still owe on it, but I'll let it rot in my driveway and take the bus before I invest another $2800 in it.


My Volkswagen sucks too. My seat warmer burnt my butt today, my brake light switch has gone out 5 times, had to walk home one day because of it, battery out once, oxygen sensor out once, and also had to have the engine timing reset. My lights are out around the air conditioning dials, and my brake/taillights have gone out about 4 times. This is a 2003 model and all of this has gone wrong already.


Last week, my 2001 Volkswagon Passot was on fire. Totally ruined. It started underneath the driver's seat....while I was driving. I got out fine, but I want to sue Volkswagon for never fixing the problems with the driver seat, and also for not warning me that my car could go on fire. This wasn't an engine fire. It started in the cabin. I have power seats and the memory button on it never worked, and sometimes the seat itself would never move. $25,000 for this car and the memory functions didn't work, and Volkswagen told us it was working, and there was nothing can be done about it to fix it. They looked at my totalled car, and I'm waiting back to hear there report on it. I saw on your site, that you want to get a case action law suit going against them. Has anything started with that, because I would love to join in and help sue them. Thanks!


I had a 2000 Volkswagon Beetle from a Audi/VW dealer in Bowmansville, NY and had continuing problems with it since day one. Yes, it was "previously enjoyed", but had less than 20k miles on it. The first week that I had the car the cables in the fuel door froze up one day, so I couldn't open the fuel door hatch, thus being not able to add fuel to the car. Tried to get into the dealer right away and of course, they were booked solid. Well, ran out of gas because I couldn't add fuel. Had to have the car towed to the dealer and they had to fixed the cables& replace and paint in my yellow color, the fuel door - that was covered by warranty.
A few months after that the fuel door became very hard to open. Since you have to pop the door open from the inside there is no manual way to get it open. Had to take it in again and they replaced the fuel flap yet again.
Next problem was the check engine light. It kept coming on and I would constantly have to bring it in to the dealer. They determined it was some sort of mechanical defect, what ever that means. The check engine light would come on all the time, for stupid reasons like the trunk wasn't closed tightly and the fuel cap wasn't twisted more than 5 times. Ridiculous!
The most frustrating problem that occurred for several years (until I got rid of the car) was the driver's side window. First time I took it to the dealer the electric window was not going up and down would go half way up and stop and they go down again. They removed the door panel and lubed the window track. That temporarily corrected the problem, but not more than a month later the window acted up again. Next the button for the window popped off, so I couldnít use that window at all. Took it back in and they installed window regulator switch and removed & re-installed the front door trim panel (they have to do this each time to get into the door). Then once again maybe 4 or 5 months later problem starts up again. The window would be stuck and not even roll down. I would drive a few minutes and without touching anything it would just go down and up on its own!!!!! Crazy...again, back to the dealer and they act like I am losing my mind. As if I am making all this stuff up. As if I have nothing better to do with my time then deal with these jerks. They claim that the driver's door lock module sticks which is causing the window motor to over heat and shut off. They replaced the lock and latch and charged me $485 dollars for this!! Out of warranty now - although this problem has been going on for years!! I was and am still pissed. Well, finally I think the problem has gone away and not less than a week after the motor was replaced it happens again!!! they replaced the motor in the window again and are positive THIS TIME that it is fixed. Well...I got rid of the car and couldn't be happier. Now I am trying to get money back for the window problems. It is and has been never-ending with VW!! They do truly suck.
Also, is anyone else's interior console peeling??? The rubber coating is just peeling off!!! Has anyone else had this happen?


My 2001 VW Passat fills up with water everytime it rains! I have paid out of pocket numerous times for this to be fixed but the problem keeps reoccuring. Now, the airbags have been shorted out and VW tells me it will cost thousands to fix this yet they can't seem to promise me I won't get water in the car again. VW corporate looks the other way and says it's a maintinence problem yet many many other owners have this problem. It is obviously a design problem! Shame on me bc before this I owned a Jetta which had nothing but electrical problems. If anyone knows of any kind of class action suits for this water issue please let me know! Thanks!


I'm really a honda man owned countless hondas in my life. I figured to try something different, so, needless to say "vee-dub piece of shit." If I arm the alarm, It goes off, if I try to disarm it the trunk opens. I parked it on a hill and used the e-brake since its a 5-spd, The e-b cables snapped (BOTH OF THEM) aint that a bitch. Now i need fog lights for the f*cking thing because the lenses cracked and water got in them and shorted out. The icing on the cake is the lights are discontinued. So now i can't sell the f*cking thing because Massachusetts lemon law requires the vehicle to have them. Because it has the switch for them. One more thing was WTF is up the damn tune it plays when door is open or when the lights are left on. talk about aggravating. Worst mistake I've ever done and now I'm stuck.


Received June 2006

Ok Ok enough of you people bitching about your VW's. I have a 2002 Passat 1.8T. I bought it brand new from the dealer, which by the way the sales manager is a relative of mine and the owner i went to school with. Since i have had the car, the following problems occured.
1. three sets of tires. oh yeh they could only put HP (high performance) tires on because of the speed rating of the car.
2. Blinker switch went out three times.
3. the material on the shifter is pealing off
4. check engine light came on and motor blew up. gave me about 10 seconds to pull over. since i was 1100 miles past my oil change, they would not cover with the recall. luckly my realtive got vw to pay for parts. i paid for labor
5. as i am typing this, the car is in the shop again for rod boots. what the h at & at are rod boots. funny thing is two days after the major engine repair i started having this problem. could they not see when they had it apart.
6. about 4 head lights
7. window switch at least 6 times
8. even though i don't smoke, my back seat lighter came out 5 times as i use this to plug my cell into
9. problem with door handle 10. Problem with trunk closing ok so you got the idea of my sarcasim. now get this, i had spent almost $10,000 of repairs in less then a year. Each time i ask myself, should i get rid of this? i figured since i invested $3,500 just for the sludge problem things would be ok. well they were not.
if your only comment you can add defending VW is the way it is spelled, i guess you are no different than us. DON'T BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I would like to start out by saying....I HATE VOLKSWAGONS. My husband has been a VW lover since I met him. He has owned 2 and both of them have been problem cars. The first car was a 1998 Jetta that the check engine light stayed on and only one window was functioning. We now own a 2000 Golf that we have one had 17 months and just put $3000.00 worth of repairs due to a busted timing belt, serpetine belt, water pump, and cylander head. I thought our troubles were over, when I litteraly had to take out a small personal loan to fix the car, when my husband comes home and tells me that the check engine light is on. WE call the dealer, they run a diagnostic that I had to fight with them to do for free and they tell us its a minor problem, just a pinched hose and we could drive it and it would be okay. Told them basically where to go, keep the car and give us a rental on their tab untill the car is fixed. My husband comes home today, mind you, a week after I jsut took out a small loan to fix the car, and tells me that the small minor problem is going to cost us 80.00 to fix because now it is the mass air flow sensor. Needless to say, Im waiting on a callback from the dealer. I hate volkswagons and would not suggest them to my worst enemy. I love your website.


I have a VW 2001 Beetle and it is a huge money sucking piece of crap. So much for saving money with gas prices. The EPC light came on after I drove it for a month. The extended warranty for that was useless so I paid $400 in repairs. A 1,000 miles later it was on again! I left it on, but not the damm thing started leaking gas and quit running while I was driving it. The tow truck came and this is the second time it has been in the shop. I only put 8,000 miles on it and overall it has 33,000 miles on it. What a piece of shit. Never again will I purchase a V.W.


I purchased a 2003 Jetta with a TDI diesel engine in March of 2003 from Northpoint Mazda VW in North Little Rock, AR. WHAT A NIGHTMARE it is at that dealership! I was completely and utterly scammed. They actually filled in checkboxes on paperwork that were allegedly filled in by myself in which I declared that i WANTED to pay sales tax up front out of my pocket. WHAT!? Who does that??? Anyway, once a lawyer got involved, they reluctantly agreed to pay the sales tax since they had forged paperwork on my behalf. I left the dealership with the certainty that the dealing there was as dishonest as it comes. I was even signed up for a maintenance program that I later had to cancel when I discovered that it didn't cover ANY routine maintenance other than occasional oil changes. $3,000 for 8 oil changes? Give me a break! The car's engine itself has admittedly been pretty swell. The diesel engine gets great mileage, and I haven't really done any maintenance other than routine oil changes every 4,000 miles and at 50,000 miles I got new tires. (The car now has 55K) Here's the problem though:....a year after getting the car, it started to mysteriously fill up with water whenever it rained. I don't mean dampness or little beads of condensation..... I mean 8 INCHES OF WATER, IN EVERY PASSENGER FLOORBOARD! Let's put it this way: I have scooped water out of my car with a Sonic Route 44 beverage cup on at least 20 occasions. The first time I immediately took the vehicle to VW - Northpoint in NLR where I bought it. They told me that it must have something to do with where I park it. There was never water on the seats or roof - just on the floorboards. I do not have a garage, and the street in front of my house is pointed downhill, so I finally assumed that they must be right - maybe it's the big hill on my property that is the problem. Well, as you can imagine it is pretty damn inconvenient to find your car filled with water twice a month (and stinky too!) After 5 trips to VW where they told me it was my problem, only AFTER the warranty ends, do they finally admit that the problem is a clogged sunroof drain. CLOGGED SUNROOF DRAIN!? Who knew!!???? I am thankful that I haven't had mechanical failure yet, but I am pretty irked that my $28,000 car smells like it was in Louisiana during Katrina, and that the cost of getting the carpet and pad replaced is nearly $2,000! No wonder they wanted the warranty to expire before being honest with me. I am pretty much spittin' mad, but I guess that's what I've come to expect from Northpoint VW in NLR! A word to the wise: Don't buy one, and if you have already bought one, don't let them lie to you about what the problem is when you still have a warranty. Insist that they fix their crappy car!


I thought I was a proud owner of a 2001 1.8T Wolfburg Edt. Jetta. I bought this car in November of 2001 and I was thrilled. It looked great, it ran great and it only had about 12000 miles on it. I couldn't have been happier. UNTIL... about 3 months after owning the car (Feb 02) my cd player started acting funny. I have a 6 disk one in the trunk. I took it to Greenbriar VW in Chesapeake VA. They wanted some outrageous amount of money to fix it, so I told them that I was taking my car to the Checkerd Flag dealership in Virginia Beach. Checkerd Flag fixed the problem with very low cost so i was happy. Well about 3 months after that (June 02) my car started making this weird screeching noise whenever I applied the brake. So I went back to Checkerd Flag and I needed new brake pads and rotors. They did the repairs and it ended up costing me close to $400 dollars to fix it. I was 6 months pregnant and my husband really doesnít know much about cars. So whatever, 400 dollars for the piece of mind was fine by me. Well then I received numerous safety recalls that VW had issued and needed to fix on my car. And every time they issued a new one I had to take my car in the dealership, leave it there all day until they fixed the problem, which is a pain in my butt considering that was my only means of transportation and they wouldnít even offer me a rental or anything! Over the years the car has required NUMEROUS amounts of work done on the tune of nowhere less than 700 dollars every time... Serpintine belts, brakes *YES AGAIN*, crack in my turbo valve, alignments, leaks in my oil pan, *basically you name it i've probably shelled out the money to fix it* BECAUSE THE WARRENTIES ESPECIALLY THE EXTENDED ONES DONT HELP OUT AT ALL! Well in July of 2005 I was making a trip because my best friend's grandmother passed away. So I drove him out to Atlanta, Georgia *from Virginia Beach, VA* My car drove fine all the way there and most of the way home. When I was in North Carolina, about an hour outside of Virginia my transmission didn't work anymore. So I ended up having to have the car towed from North Carolina to Chesapeake, Virginia to the horrible Greenbriar VW dealership. They worked on my car and told me I needed a new transmission, clutch, and all the parts included in replacing the transmission and the clutch. Well they called me and told me that this would cost me close to 2000 dollars to fix. Well a friend of mine who works for the Volkswagen dealership as a mechanic told me that he would do all the repairs and everything and it would only cost me about 800 dollars. So I was happy 800 is a lot better than 2000. Another recall notice and another day without my car.
November 25th 2005: I got into a car accident. My headlight, drivers side panel, hood and bumper all needed to be replaced. Well when I get my car back about a month later all this electrical stuff starts breaking on my car. My gas floater wasnít working properly and every time i stepped on the gas my gas tank would go down 1/2 a tank, my speedometer wouldnít work, my headlight (the one that was just replaced) didnt work.
May 2006: FINALLY SAVE UP ENOUGH MONEY TO FIX MY CAR...i know VW repairs are costly and I wasnít sure if it was in fact because of my accident or what so I saved up 3000 dollars towards repairs on my car. I take my car in on a Friday May 18th. I get a phone call Friday afternoon from Checkerd Flag VW telling me that I need a new instrument cluster, new headlight (my old one had blown a gasket??? and was leaking coolant into my migration filter???) new gas tank or something like that, new brake pads and rotors (yes...yet AGAIN), and a bunch of other odd ball things that ended up adding up to 2416.76!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Friday May 26th I pick up my car. I part with my 2500 dollars and am so happy that my car should be in working order! Saturday May 27th, my car starts this weird shaking thing that it was not doing prior to me bringing it in there.
Sunday May 28th, Service Dept closed Monday May 29th Memorial Day Service Dept Closed. Tuesday May 30th, they are too busy cant fit me in.
Wednesday May 31st. FINALLY BRING MY CAR INTO THE SERVICE DEPT!!! They have my car the WHOLE DAY again and tell me that they need to perform an alignment and they wanted to charge me for it! ARE THEY SERIOUS?? I was NOT about to pay for an alignment after i just forked over 2500 dollars to get my car fixed HELL NO. So I talked to the service dept. manager and he agreed that he wouldnít charge me! WOO HOO. The woman that I spoke with told me that after they performed the alignment that nothing was in fact wrong with my alignment and that they didnít know what the problem was but my "next big step would be replacing the tires." I asked the woman if my tires were unsafe to drive on and she told me nowhere in the tech notes or anything did it say that my tires were UNSAFE. I asked her if she was sure because I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter and I didn't want to be driving around in an unsafe vehicle. She told me that there was no notes that the tires were bald or unsafe. I thought my perils were over....THINK AGAIN!!!!
Saturday June 3rd: I am driving back from the outlets in Williamsburg, VA. Minding my own business driving down the road and my right rear tire blows out. I decrease my speed and start to pull over to I can change my tire and my car spins out of control, jumps into a ditch, jumps out of the ditch and runs into a tree!!! CAN MY LIFE GET ANY WORSE!?! The Virginia State Police come out to the scene and he looks at my car and LOW AND BEHOLD my tire is smooth as a baby butt bald in ONE place. Now in the state of VA in order for it to be deemed as hazardous, or negligence, or faulty equipment the tire has to be bald in 3 or more separate locations on the tire. Well it was only bald in that one location where the tire actually blew. The rest of the tred is fine. I didnít receive a ticket and have since contacted Checkerd Flag who still concurs that the tire was not unsafe to drive and that replacing my tires was not a necessity but a recommendation. My insurance company is looking into perhaps taking legal action against the VW dealership because WHAT IF MY DAUGHTER HAD OF BEEN IN MY CAR?!? What if I had've been seriously injured?? SO NOW I AM WITHOUT A VEHICLE YET AGAIN. I hate VW's and all their service departments and I will never own a VW again. I don't care if I got one for free I wouldnít put myself through the expense or the hassle that I have had to deal with since I've owned this car. I genuinely hope that my insurance company will total my vehicle so I can get another car. Beware for all of you who want to buy a VW because they are horrible and expensive cars!!!!


I am the owner of a 2003 Volkswagon Jetta TDI....It has been a peice of crap....every since I bought it it has been a money pit...Now I have to come up with another 11,000.00 to replace the motor and I just dont have it ...I have spent money on rentals and I have spent money on tools , timing belts , seat warmers, transmission , you name it....I think volkswagon sucks too ! I think they are a rip off and I think every one should take them and park them where you got them from and tell them to KISS There A _ _ ! They have financially ruined me and they can all go straight to HELL


A special thak you to everyone for warning me of the problems vw has. We were considering one, but I would never considerate it now. WE are Not stupid to fall for there vehicles and there problems. However we are still looking for a small car. Again both of us just say thanks for the warnings!!!!!!


the catalytic convertor, I was told by the dearlship that it would cost $1500 to replace, I went to the local AutoZone, ordered it for $135.00 took it and the car to a welder, $45.00. Talk about rip-off. I have replaced my headlights every six months, the back blinker light 4 times (it is now super-glued). I had a repair done to the electrical panel on the door, the car now locks itself if I use the key to unlock. There is a short somewhere (they can't find it and they are the ones that caused it. I have had my VW beetle for 4 1/2 years and have had small things break (average cost of $175.00 each). I now have over 135000 miles and the car finally runs right.


After reading some of the complaints on this website I can only say that I have seen most of these problems at some point. I am a certified ASE master technician of 25+ years.These cars have a bad track record with almost anyone who has dealt with them. At our dealership these cars immediately go to the auction in fear of costly and frequent repairs. Thankfully I personally have never owned one and am certain that I never will.To all who have been victims? Do your homework before the purchase of your next car,there are still a lot of great cars out there.


We have 2 VW, a 99 Jetta TDI and a 06 Golf TDI. I have absolutely no complaints about the Golf. I love it--great fuel mileage, smooth ride, cool air, great cupholders, easy oil change and maintenance (will NEVER EVER EVER take my car to another dealer service center EVER! The Jetta has 150k miles on it and we have had a couple of problems with it, but I think mostly it is the service dept. that has caused all the problems. We took it in last September because it had an oil leak and the check engine light was on. We took the car to Champion VW in Florence, KY (THEY SUCK!!!) While they were checking on the oil leak, we had them go ahead and replace the timing belt as it is supposed to be changed every 40k miles and the car had over 100k on it, we were not the original owners, and regardless, it was time. They could not locate the oil leak, the check engine light was on because one of the glow plugs was not operating and that was fixed, and they changed the timing belt. The car is in breakdown right now because the engine motor mount sheered off at the engine block (cannot be fixed), and was being held by one lone bent bolt! The service tech did not tighten the bolts and has ruined the engine. Upon taking the engine apart, we discovered where the oil leak is coming from--from the air intake! This part had to be removed to get to the timing belt (which is all but shredded due to the engine rattling because the bolts were not fastened) and oil poured from this. If the tech took this part off (assuming he did since we paid for a new timing belt and this part has to be removed) this should have happened to him--duh, oil leak. Instead, they said they could not locate the oil leak and slapped the car back together and sent us on our way laughing all the way to the bank with our $1500. My problem is not with the car itself, but with the service technicians. WOW! The first time I break down and take the car to the dealer to have repairs done, they break the damn car! Will they do anything about it? No, but I'm still complaining. Plans right now are to rig the car back to running condition and trade the f-er in--maybe even to Champion. Let them get stuck with the crappy car. They make almost no money on the TDI and will lose even more with the the POS they ruined! I'll likely get another VW, but will NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER take it to another dealer or mechanic again in my life. Filing a complaint will obviously not even phase Champion VW as they have an unsatisfactory rating as it is due to numerous complaints about the service dept (wish I had checked that BEFORE taking my car there to save $25) There is a reputable VW dealer and service center at Bachman in Louisville where I bought the Golf.
My problem with the Jetta is a huge problem, but it has been the only problem that I have had and again, I believe it was not the car but the idiot monkey shit that "fixed" the car. I have had 2 Hondas and it was never failing that every year something would go wrong with the car--timing belt shredded on me on the interstate, lost 4th gear on the interstate, odometer stopped working, broken seats, bent control arm after hitting a pot hole, overheating, overheating, overheating, never ending alignment problems (on the 2nd Honda--not the one with the bent control arm). It was so nice to go 3 years with no incidents--not even a replacement battery!
By the way, if you take your VW Diesel to Valvoline or any other fast lube places, they will overfill your oil which will cause your catalytic converters to clog! This is why I change my own oil regularly--it is really simple if you have ramps or jack stands and worth it.


Received July 2006

Hi everyone. Well, i just purchased a 2002 Jetta. I was so happy, because I was finally getting a nice car. Well, the day I bought the car it was making this horrible squeaky noise, and the tranmission was shifting really rough. I took it back to the place where I bought the car, and I was told that my car was programed for a race car; this is what is causing for my transmission to shift rough. Could this really be true? Now the second week of owning the car every time I go over a large bump it makes this horrible squeaky noise. Yes, another noise in week two. I will not take the car to a VW dealer, because they tend to rip you off. So, now I am on my third mechanic to see what the problem is. I am very upset, and my boyfriend thinks I am nuts for all of my research. I just want to know that all of my hard earned money is going into a decent car. I am truley thinking about returning the car, and buying another car. I am not sure what to do. One more thing my brakes are squeking now to. I just feel that I got a %$# at piece shit of car.


I bought a 2001 Cabrio a little over a year ago. It was pre-owned with only 20,000 miles on it when I bought it. I was so exctied about buying a VW after living with a 89 Honda accord that was finally just starting to have problems after 110,000 miles. Less than a month after buying it the whole exhaust system fell apart (literally fell off my car) so that cost $400 to replace. About a month later the breaks (which the dealer said were brand new) needed replacing $600 down the tubes, the three months after that the power window on the driver side broke and the check engine light came on for no apparent reason back to the repair shop another $500 gone...less than two weeks after that repair stop the check engine light came back on and now you have to start my car twice in order for the car to accept any acceleration on the gas and even then it takes a few moments for the gas peddle to actually catch any forward momentum. I can't afford any more problems and now I am paying $280/mo for a car that I can't drive because I can't afford to fix it and I can't exactly sell it since I have a negative equity situation (meaning I owe more than the car is actually worth). What the hell am I supposed to do...I HATE VW'S


I have a 2001 new Beetle - let's just say IT SUCKS! I have over 100 receipts from work that has needed to be done because it fell apart or broke or needed replacement parts - headlights, switches, trim, oil pans, glove box, arm rest, heated the list is soooooo long I can't tell you. Then to add insult to injury I was driving it down the highyway and was actually HIT by a bolt of lightening and it took $8000 dollars to repair every electrical component - and NO my insurance did not total the piece of crap. I am now trying to trade it not buy a Volkswagen!


I have a 2002 Volkswagen Jetta GLX. I hate it with a passion. It has given me problems since the day I bought it and I am in the process of getting a new car and trading it in - poor soul who gets it next ... Check engine light is constantly on - so much so I want to take a sticker or piece of paper and cover the darn thing! Every time it comes on I get a knot in my stomach because I know I will have to take the car in for service and something else will be wrong with it. I have had both windows fall into the door; a new battery (YEAR effin TWO!); a new cooling system; my airbag malfunctioned and smoke come out of the steering wheel - scared the crap out of me!; I had my premature wear on my brake pads; O2 sensors out a few times; knock sensors issues; taillights out; the armrest friggin breaks all the time - not to mention the sides of the armrest have come apart and well apparently that's an issue that can't be fixed; my gear shift no longer lights up; the computer display of mileage and MPG is slowly fading away; right now the EPC light was on and I could not get it out of park - needed a tow and more money to get it fixed... and that is all from memory ---- there is probably more I am forgetting! The service department sucks and when I get mad they do nothing ... so when I get postal they tell me that I shouldn't be speaking to them that way ... well screw them ... I paid a lot for this POS and if I want to yell, scream and curse tough sh*t ...
Donít get a VW ... they are terrible! Get on a first name basis with your mechanic and bring your checkbook.
oh Ö did I mention my car is almost 6 years old - has a little over 41,000 miles on it (I average about 8,000 miles a year) and burns oil like itís going out of style Ö apparently it is common to put a couple of quarts of oil in the car in between oil changes - WHAT? Itís a new car! The engine knocks and there is a slight friction and drag from the brakes, but it is ďnot abnormalĒ according to VW service - yeah, ok, where is the logic there????


my 2001 vw beetle is the worst car i have ever owned. i bought it brand new and have had numerous problems with it. the one problem i have had that has never gone away is the engine lite. everytime it goes on, the dealer charges me $100.00 to check it out, only to find out that 90% of the time there is nothing wrong and they just "re-set it". this is the biggest scam going and i am fed up. i even called vw of america for the third time the other day to see if maybe the engine lite has been recalled. no such luck!! nevertheless, all the other problems i have had to have fixed (even ones still in warranty) have cost me money and time with my job. please, for those of you considering vw, do your homework on reliability. i am without a doubt, going to buy toyota next time. approximately, 10 different family members own toyota with0ut a single complaint and can't believe all the problems i have had for almost 5 years with my car. so beware--vw is really a bad deal, so bad that you might as well buy a hundai or kia or whatever else is known to be a big lemon!!!!!


i have a 99 jetta new style. it is a piece of shit. the paint is flaking on the hood. the check light stays on. cup holder broke. window fell down. new alternater. headlights are frosted. all new calipers in the rear. door handles on inside rubbing off. radio dont work. brake light sensor. glove box broke. i think i am going to start a business of stealing peoples vw so they can sleep better at night. i need some workers anybody wanna help.


Great commentary--I laughed out loud, especially when I came to the picture at the bottom! I too am having difficulties with the great VW conglomerate. Not nearly as bad as yours--yet. I own a 2000 Golf, and overall I have loved it. But..2 years ago I flunked my emissions inspection because of the O2 sensor. Checked online and found an EPA bulletin about it. VW gave a number to call and I discovered I was eligible for free replacement of the sensor. Also, to my surprise, I found out my car was made in Mexico! (based on my VIN). When I took it to the local dealer, they told me the other inspection station was wrong, they weren't calibrated for VWs or something like that. They said my car was fine, slapped on the inspection sticker and showed me the door. Needless to say, its two years later (two years of driving a car that smells like rotten eggs) and I flunked my emissions inspection again (only required every other year). Well, now my O2 sensor and mass airflow are bad and need to be replaced to the tune of almost $600. This time, when I called the VW Customer "Advocate" center, I was told that my car wasn't eligible for the O2 recall and it wasn't manufactured in Mexico, but Europe. Also, the mass airflow sensor extended warranty (which I received in the mail) expired at 70,000 miles. When I first brought my car in with the problem two years ago, i was at mile 69,888. Now I'm writing up a complaint to the Attorney General's office and I informed their Customer "Advocate" and service department of that. You really do get a warm and fuzzy with all these sweet terms. They really do sympathize with my frustration--they just don't plan on doing anything about it. p.s. Is it possible that VW had the country of origin switched on some technicality? Like, they are able to say a certain percentage of the parts were manufactured in Germany, so they can claim that's where its from? I know I didn't dream up the Mexican thing.


Received August 2006

2007 Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 : Bought this car Aug 9, 2006. It only had 7 miles on it when I test drove it. After the deal was closed and all paper work was signed I got in the car to leave and the engine light was on. Can you imagine how I must have felt ???? It's at the dealer now still not repaired. Now they are saying it's a software issue that will take two weeks for the developers the fix. I will have to take the car back in and let them attempt to repair it. I am so disgusted, I will never buy another VW. I inquired with the GM on just getting another car because I don't want this one and of course he refused. These last two weeks have been a complete nightmare.


I have been contemplating buying a Volkswagen Cabrio 1996 model and am quite concerned about some the issues I read about other VW products. I am scared stiff and I cant afford to fix the car the way that these other people say they have had to fix their VW's Do you recommend buying a Cabrio, I did not see any review about Cabrio's


Hi , WE own two Jettas , one A 2OOO , the other a 2OO3, both with the 2 Liter Engine. The 2ooo has now 120 000 Km , the other has 50 000 km , I'm in Canada. Both have engine noises and burn OIL. I was told that Volkswagen has thousands and thousands of this engine problems. Why cant we get together and make a Class Action Suit against VOLKSWAGEN ?? Something needs to be done. Anybody please reply


My 1999-volkswagon jetta is in the shop now...I wish that I had found out this stuff before purchasing it, however since the newer models came out in 1999 they hadn't built up the years of consistent poor history.
- It is in the shop now for check engine light and a rattling noise when the A/C is on.
- Gas cover release moter had to be replaced.
- moon roof clips broke
- coffee cup holders broke 3 times neither under warranty ( $60 for a piece of plastic )
- wipers cannot be replaced because no one makes the curved blades to fit the window.
- catalytic converter replaced twice.
- passenger side window fell into the door on two different occassions.
- 6-8" of rust above 3 of the four wheel wells, not from chipping either.
- stinky smell from vents.
- vent motor replaced 3 times. each time in the winter when defrost is essential to safety...I guess they kept putting the same shitty motors in.
- airflow sensor had to be replaced... and finally do we abuse the 70,000km ( 45,000 miles since buying it in 99'.


My husband bought me a 2007 VW EOS. The car isn't available until a few weeks from now, and since I have one, it makes me wonder if I'm a guinea pig! We sold my Hummer H2, because after I turned 50 I wanted a hard top convertable. After researching some convertables, saw the EOS and fell in love. (chose it over the Pontiac G6 ) It is the only hardtop convertable with a sunroof. I searched for some info on VW's and their track record becuase I've only had the car for a week and three times I've experienced something weird with the automatic transmission selector lever light flashing..and I was unable to accelerate, change gears or anything. I "coasted" off the interstate, (with a car dead on my tail) and switched the car off and back on. The other issue is the ESP light keeps coming on and when I pushed the button to turn the ESP back on it wouldn't and I had to switch the car on and off again. I am taking the car in for service in the morning. I am documenting this in case I have a problem. I will execute the lemon law if I have to..that experience was scary, and if I continue to have problems, I will get a BMR.


What the hell are they thinking with these lame-ass commercials?

Received September 2006

I agree. I will never buy another VW. In October of 2001 I bought a 2002 Jetta TDI. I have had to replace the mass air flow sensor and other problems twice and they did not cover a thing! They recalled the mass air flow sensor on the 2001's, but not on the 2002's. Never again! I have had nothing but problems with it.


Wish me luck. So far my 2004 Touareg has been in the shop for leaking sunroof (4x), fault running gear (4x) and various electrical ailments to the tune of 39 days out of the last 90 days. When I called VWoA and requested that I be re-imbursed for a car payment I was told they would give me $100 off my 30,000 mile service. The car doesn't even have 30,000 miles yet! According to my research my Touareg qualifies as lemonade. Due to the distinct smell of citrus I've decided to let the specialty attorneys have a go at it. Anything under warranty that has required more than 30 cumulative days of service has to be repurchased for the original delivery price, less some usage fees. (I can't wait to find out what those will be.)


Well, my manual tranmission has recently went out. I have 63,000 miles on this car and they are saying its my fault because i put the car in reverse while it was moving. I have talked to several mechanics and they don't even understand how the dealer mechanics can make this kind of diagnosis without opening the tranmission up. Customer Service won't help or give me contact info on how to make formal complaint. They only say that they satnd behind their mechanics and I am out of luck when getting my rights to my warranty powertrain because they are declaring it wear and tear due to the fact that a gear is broken. I never misused or put any undo wear on my tranmission. they seriously suck and i would never advise anyone that i care about to get a volkswagen and this is mostly due to the horrible way you are treated at the dealership and upon phoning about a complaint.


I wish I could afford a Lexus...or even a new Beetle...One thing I DO know is that my 74 Beetle gets me two weeks on the same tank of gas...A lot of cars suck. I don't particularly hate any type of car (except Hummers) nor do I have difficulty empathizing with the numerous problems you folks have had. My guess is that there are different Germans in charge now than there were in parts are cheap and I can fix most things myself...I've added electric locks, alarms, radios and do all of the work myself. I would stay away from dealers at all costs...unless it's a warranty issue...even then it would piss me off. If you got screwed, please do something about it...bringing this stuff to the attention of folks that can make a difference is the only way to get something may be true that the suits at VW don't care...after enough of you write to them, boycott their products, or take part in lawsuits, something will change...Once I get burned really good, I don't put my hand on the stove anymore...I prefer a car without a computer...I'm the director of a computer department...I probably won't add power windows to my bug...I personally don't think it's 'VW SUCKS!!" all cut and dried like that...I feel they are letting their present customers down and need to make it right...I have a 32 year old VW that runs fine and I drive it to work and back every doesn't have all the bells and whistles that cars today should handle without failure...if it's worth it to you, then keep it...if not, get rid of it. Learn to change your own headlights and don't wait for 5000 miles before you change your oil. Even though mine doesn't even HAVE a radiator, or anti-freeze, I'm sure that if I let it run out of oil and drove it till it burned up, I would be looking for someone to get pissed at as sounds pretty obvious that there are some major issues with newer model VW' guys keep up the good work and hopefully you can save others from having the same frustrations that you did. Thanks.


I have a 2001 New Passat that I loved and have been the only owner. The same pattern of poor service and problems has also followed me: The check engine light, coils, oil leaking, oil light, oil sludge, hesitation when I pull out, synthetic oil litany from the dealer, etc. I also replaced headlights within the first 10000 miles. I will never buy another VW again. I now have a mechanic I can trust but it may be too late. This car has 93000 and recently transmission (auto) went and had coil and plugs replaced. It is still not running right. I was givem just lip service from dealer and VW mothership who acted as if I was crazy until recall notices came in the mail confirming some of the symptoms I had noticed in the first 30000 miles. I have always maintained vehicle at dealer and it has been suggested that the dealer may have never serviced the trans. Any suggestions are welcome. AS you owners know- this car was not cheap- oh and the fabulous leather seats tore ( I have one child who was 16 when I bought it) and the 6 CD changer also never worked well and now does not work at all. GOOD QUALITY CARS WANTED- DRIVERS AVAILABLE.


I can't believe somebody took the time to make this website. Volkswagen makes excellent cars, and are by far one of the best automobiles out. I have a 97 golf with a 163,xxx miles on it. Never had any problems. I'm a mechanic so please dont question my knowledge of cars. All the stories i've read are due to lack of knowledge. A VW owner should have some basic knowlege about cars. As far as i've read so far nobody here does. All these problems could have been easily avoided if you guys stayed away frome the dealer. All the dealerships are the same they are crooks. And if you think that some of these problems only have happened with VW you are wrong. I've herd much worse horror stories with other automobile companies. So for all you morons cracking on VW get some common sense and then maybe you will understand what i mean.


Received October 2006

While driving our 2004 Jetta (still in manufacturer warranty), the airbags deployed on the passenger side - no accident, no contact w/anything. Immediately took it to the dealer, they saw no damage, thus told us to make an appt "next week". After discussions w/VW Reps, they put the car on a lift & took pictures. It took 2 weeks for a diagnosis -> "the car had a significant impact, go to your insurance co". THERE WAS/IS NO DAMAGE ON THIS CAR! The insurance company denied the claim, sent a letter stating "there is no damage on the car, faulty airbags". DOT says they have many complaints, but no recall yet. FTA says VW is aware of the problem, if they are not repairing it, get a lawyer. Boston Channel 5, Consumer reporter Susan Wornick, did a story that aired 09/21 showing no damage to the car, except airbags hanging from the roof and passenger seat. STILL VW claims this car was in a crash by data on the black box. There is evidence the black boxes are presenting erroneous information, a problem since 2000, VW will do nothing. My question, IF there was a significant crash - why didn't the driver side bags deploy? Their explanation - the driver was wearing a seatbelt (true) thus the airbags will not deploy, the passenger was not wearing a seatbelt (no passenger was in the car) thus the airbags deployed to protect the passenger - VW airbags only deploy when no seatbelt is in use. WRONG! according to my insurance co. AGGRAVATION PLUS! thank you for this site


Hello, you have great site!


careful how you spread the word...mexi jettas are indeed shit. Actually, just about any VW that's come out of mexico has had serious problems. But on the other hand, I have two VW's from germany that have 200,000+ miles (my 91 jetta has 680,000 miles and my dad has an '85 with 427,000). My cumulative maintenance bill for my 91 jetta during 12 years of ownership is less than $3000. It does have poor crash ratings.
We've had very good luck with a german tdi wagon - 150,000 miles, not a single shop visit. Honest. Not so much buyer beware, but buyer be informed as to what VW to buy - and yes, the good ones are harder to find since most US production is in mex. And they definitely don't make them like they used to no matter where they come from.


I currently own a 2001 Passat 1.8 Turbo. Let me tell you, it sucks in more ways than one. I like the smooth ride, but not the killer repairs. It like one problem after the next. My ignition coils were recalled during warranty time, but it costed me $40 bucks in gas and a day of time wasted for something that wasn't even broken. My window fell down into the bottem of my right passenger door after 60K Miles. I have to get the full synthetic oil so my oil won't burn up every 2.5k miles. My computer had to be replaced twice within a 16k range...just past the bullish warranty date.....worthless I tell you. My trunk doesn't work, even after they fixed it....My engine hesitates....I can't afford driving for 2 hours just to fix a mistake not fixed in the first place every week. The bulbs burn out quick because the electronics are terrible. Something raddles and I have yet to figure it out.....this thing is crap and I only have 82k miles on it...the parts cost too much for what they's like a thrift store turning into a Target Super Center, but selling the same crappy stuff for a jacked up price....this really makes me want to buy an American Made Car.....


If you don't recommend VW then what is your recommendation? I've shopped around & think the VW's appearance looks better than competitors for its price. I'm all ears because i need a car & don't want to buy into a nightmare.


Cars-That-Suck> If you are shopping for a car on appearance only you can't be helped. Do your homework. Here's a start: Most reliable cars

Well, I was just about to purchase a nice black low mileage 2000 VW Jetta and thought I would do a bit of searching and can't believe the number of problems with these cars. This one has a broken glove box hinge (common problem) and is slipping out of fifth while in cruise control mode.
It is absolutely incredible the number of common problems and repeat problems and the lack of VW corporate intervention.
I am driving older rear wheel drive domestic ford and chev products which have very few problems, other than the general poor quality and workmanship.
I feel again like I won the lottery to be saved from this curse of owning a VW Jetta.


Received November 2006

99 beatle diesel alternator pain in the butt! after 5 hours still not out & i am about to give up!i'd rather burn the sumbitch then try & figure this 1 out!!!!!!!!!#$& at #*^%#*#


Thank you everyone....I was looking for a comuter car and considering a Jetta TDI....but this site will have me going back to Toyota for my 5th vehicle...two ans and two camry's.....They all have been great... 145,000 on my latest Camry(so far)...Ford windstar's been good too......Guess Volkswagons MUST suck!!! I'll pass it on!!!


We owned three VW's at one time (silly me). I purchased a 2000 Cabrio. We loved it so much, we purchased a 2002 Cabrio. Then our daughter started driving and she got a 1991 Cabriolet.
We had a few problems with the 2000 - the top had problems, but the dealership was great in repairing any problems - always gave a rental. Nice folks.
Well, after a couple of years, when we replaced every part on the top, I got a little worried about it being close to being out of warrany and thought we should trade it in. Went from the dealership service department to the same dealership's sales floor. They wanted to give us $3500 for a $12,000 vehicle. Of course, we asked what the deal was. They gave us a list of "problems" with the car. Remember - the car had JUST come from their service shop - straight from their shop.
We sent it back to the shop to have the problems fixed. One of the major ones: transmission. They told us they replaced the reverse gear. This is November of 2005. The warranty covered everything, but was ending in three days. Nothing odd about that huh?
Last month (October, 2006) the car started acting strange. Took it in to VW and was told the transmission had to be totally replaced. The car is still under their great warranty and it is no problem. After all, the vehicle had 54,000 miles on it. Remember, this is a 2000 VW in 2006. Got a call back later that day from VW Corporate. The transmission is not covered because of customer abuse!!!! Seems the owner (me) kept driving in 1st gear (manual transmission) and then slamming it into reverse. Seriously, who does that kind of stuff? I argued, I yelled, all to no avail. No way were they paying. I then explained that I was in the insurance industry and would let anyone I talked to know this story.
I had them put the transmission back together. Drove the car off the lot, and traded it in for a Chevy.
My greatest amount of fun now is calling VW America once a week and giving them the count of how many people I have talked out of buying a VW. To date: 15. Their refusal to pay for a $3,000 transmission has cost them over $150,000 in sales. Smart decision on their part, huh?
I have e-mailed them, called them and written them letters letting the know I will NEVER buy another VW and to take me off their lists. We have gotten rid of the 2000 and 2002 Cabrio. We will be donating the 1991 in the Spring to get it out of our house too.
I cannot stress enough how much I HATE VW!!!!


Excellent site, added to favorites!!


Well I was just about to buy a brand new Jetta until I read your website. You saved me from making a huge mistake. Thank you very much!


I leased a brand new vw mkv gti back in April 2006 and ever since I drove it off the lot Iíve had more than one problems with it. While driving it the first week I noticed a sort of clunking and cracking noise coming from the front chassis. I thought something was loose so I brought it to vw riverback. Their service manager went for a ride with me and said that he didnít hear anything when the car made the noise. I made him drive it around the block to try to make the noise and he still refused to say he could hear it. While pulling back into the dealership he clipped the curb pretty hard with my rear passenger side wheel and kept driving as if nothing happened. After that I went to new country vw in greenwich, ct because of the clunking noise and an engine light that came on. When the engine light came on the cars turbo refused to spool at certain speeds. I took a drive with a mechanic there and he heard and felt the noise right away. He said there was clearly something wrong with the car. He said the check engine light was on because the fuel pump broke. I picked the car up 2 weeks after and they replaced the fuel pump and couldnít find anything wrong with the chassis. within 5 minutes of driving the car out of the dealership the check engine light went on and the cars turbo once again wasnít spooling. I brought it back to the dealership at the same time and told then that the check engine light was on again. I couldnít leave the car there again at the time because I needed to run a few errands. I brought the car there again a few days after and this time it was there for another 2 weeks. They replaced the fuel pump again but the cracking noise in the chassis still wasnít fixed. I drove the car around for a good week after that and yes you guessed it the check engine light went on once again. I brought the car back to vw and saw a sign on their wall that said it you car is in the shop for over a month or the same problem occurs at least three times to call some number given. I think that it was a number to notify somebody that you have a lemon. When they hooked my car up to the computers they said it was because somebody tampered with the air box and their was a hole in it. I surely didnít but I was charged with it anyway. So I had to pay for an airbox that I didnít break. I still complained about the noise because the car isnít supposed to make that noise and I didnít pay for a broken car. I brought it back there and it took them just about a month to "fix" the problem. They said that they replaced the front struts. When I picked it up I asked if it was fixed and a guy at vw simply shrugged and said "try it out". So I tried it out and found out that it still wasnít fixed. What I did find was that I got a nice scratch on my passenger door that vw fixed last week. Keep in mind that I am leasing the car and its been in the shop for a total of over 2 months. I didnít even get a loaner. So I was paying for a car I wasnít driving and when I was driving it, it was broken. I brought the car back and told them it still made the noise. This time I took a ride with the service manager there and he noticed the noise and said that it was under hard driving conditions. But there werenít any hard driving conditions. I drove in a circle and pulled the car into a parking space. Even if it was under hard driving conditions that shouldnít matter because people drive differently. When I showed a vw mechanic the problem the first time I drove the car into a space and it made the noise and when he got into the drivers seat and made the noise himself he did the same and drove the car alot harder that I did with the service manager. I tried to schedule an appointment with some guys in charge of vw in CT because I wanted my money back or a new car because its a lemon. I contacted vw of north America to make this appointment because thatís what the service manager said to do. vw of na said that the service manager told them that the car was still fixable. I would think if you have my car for over two months they would have figured out how to fix it. vw of na said that my service manager had to made it and that I couldnít. I told him that and he said that I need to make it through vw of na. So what ended up happening was I was being told two different things by two different people and making an appointment was harder than I thought. vw of na finally told him that he has to make the appointment for me. When I confronted him about him telling me that I have to make it though he tried to change the subject and say that he didnít know. When appointment time came along a more than a month after it was cancelled on me that morning. Keep in mind that I brought my car to college in MA and was going to drive to ct to meet him. I am not supposed to have my car up here but it was the only way that I could get down there. My parents couldnít meet with the guy because I was the one dealing with all the service problems. My appointment was cancelled and I called to reschedule and the service manager kept avoiding my phone calls for more that a month. I left about 15 messages and not one call back. When I got back home for a 3 day weekend I went into new country vw to try to get in touch with him. He said that I have to reschedule with somebody that cancelled with me. Iíve been trying to do that through him just like when we originally scheduled the appointment. Once again he told me that I have to make the appointment with vw of na. I told him he said to do that last time and that wasnít the right thing to do. He replied and said it was. Once again I went back and forth with vw of na and the service manager with this. Remember that now Iím making a new appointment and the old one was never rescheduled. Now I am waiting for my appointment in late December and am hoping that I get this bullshit over with. I was sold a brand new car that was broken since day one and has not been fixed. Its funny to me how people can actually screw you like this and make you go around in circles leading to nowhere. To me my car is one of the best looking cars on the road. Its interior is the best in its class. It drives better than some Porsches. My question is when will vw make an all around reliable car. And more importantly when will their service division be fair and not f*ck over their customers. I have a 1988 golf and that thing breaks constantly. I hope that I get all of my money back and get to cancel my lease without a penalty or at least get a new working car from vw.


Received December 2006

bought a golf gti in april of 03, brand spanky new. passenger window fell into door at 1000 miles. dealer fixed it. ate up tires every 20,000 miles. figured on the correct ones now we are good. replaced both original front wheel bearings in and out at 40,000 and 65,000. changed the oil every 3-4000 miles. driver door lock broke at 120,000 miles heater fan went out at 100,000 miles. lost one ignitor and replaced the spark plugs at 85,000. not to jinx me but i drive this car 100-200 miles a day opening and closing doors 20-30 times a day. i did have the front of the engine done at 65,000. i have to say so far so good and fast and reliable.


I purchased a 1999 VW Beetle in 2004. It only had 51,000 miles on it and looked to be a great deal. Here it is 12/6/2006 and we have only put 12,000 miles on it, most of them driving it from home to the mechanic 35 miles away. I did purchase the extended warranty, thank god, because 3 weeks after I bought it I had to have the air mass flow sensor replaced. Without the warranty it would have run $600 but in the end it still cost me $100. Soon after the check engine light kept coming on, turns out it needed an O2 sensor replaced and then another and another. Turns out you can only run a certain brand of fuel in this piece of crap. Most fuels have to much oxygen in them. Wish Volkswagen would have let somebody know this. Next came the catalytic converter that was bad. Another piece covered by the warranty otherwise it would have run $800 bucks. Right now it is sitting on a lot trying to be sold, but now the battery, which is only 2 years old is drained but by jump starting it you could possibly damage the computer. I don't even want to know what the cost of that is. I think instead of invading Iraq we should go into Germany and destroy all their Volkswagen factory's for producing crap. Then go after the douche bags that work for the dealerships in the US. I had the same problems with scheduling and ordering parts. Three times I drove a total of 70 miles round trip to pick up a part they said they had just to find out they were going to have to order it in. Oh yeah, if you ever have to have a lock cylinder replaced it will run you around $200 bucks. Mine fell out somewhere on the road. The part was $75, labor and reprogramming whatever they had to reprogram was $92.00, the plastic cover that only comes in black was $12.50 and to have it painted to match was another $32.00. Volkswagen bites the big one. I have a friend who had similar problems with O2 sensors, his windows breaking and not rolling back up and with the wonderful customer service provided by th e idiots at the dealership. I have made it my goal to tell everyone that Volkswagen sucks and to never by any type of VW or German manufactured car. Evidently German engineering leaves much to be desired. Thanks for letting me rant and rave.


Volkswagen ... the car that sucks!

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