Cars-That-Suck> Letter I received 5/18/2004 with comments. Original scan version

Vehicle Owner Warranty Notification Center
2375 East Camelback Road
Fifth Floor
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Cars-That-Suck> Ok, first off this is supposed to be a business promoting itself as a reputible company. Rule #1: VOLKWAGON is spelled wrong. Rule #2: don't use a phone number of a call center that is associated with online meds (which are probably spam based).

Customer ID#
Call Toll-Free 1-877-456-6052

Dear *********,
Your manufacturer has issued services advisories regarding recurring problems with VOLKSWAGON. Call 1-877-456-6052 immediately so that we might inform you of these problems.

Cars-That-Suck> Now why isn't the manufacturer sending out these advisories? Pretty simple - because Volkwagen sucks.

If you do not know about these problems and go to the dealership, you may end up paying for these repairs out of your own pocket.

Cars-That-Suck> Actually the NHTSA has most of the service bulletins on their website.

We have recently introduced a program, which tracks these advisories, alerts our customers and protects their investment with an extended warranty.

Cars-That-Suck> This should be something f**kin VW does ... not some third party warranty scam!

This program is designed to save you 40% to 60% over the price originally offered by your dealer, yet still provides you with the same Comprehensive Coverage for a lot less!

Cars-That-Suck> Why bother? Any VW owner should get rid of it first sign of it having problems, because most problems with VWs are recurring. They never fix it right the first time - because it's a crappy product.

As an owner of a 1999 VOLKSWAGON, It is important to take advantage of this program. It has saved other VOLKSWAGON owners in the **** area, thousands of dollars in unnecessary repair bills.

Cars-That-Suck> They must be a popular company to make this type of statement. I bet no one is their customer in my area.

Call 1-877-456-6052 immediately for a free no obligation consultation on your vehicle.

Cars-That-Suck> I'm trying to keep from laughing because I know some poor dumbass bought that P.O.S. VW I previously owned.

According to national statistics, 1 in every 4 vehicles will experience a mechanical breakdown of some kind over any 12-moth period. The average per-car cost of repair is running about $1,200. This means that over the next few years it is virtually guaranteed that you will have to pay for your car repairs. With Car Care Warranty you are now adequately protected against the expense of these inevitable repairs.

Even if your vehicle is still under Factory Warranty, Car Care Warranty will pay for any item covered in our plan and not covered by your Factory Warranty. We continue to protect you once your existing Factory Warranty expires.

Cars-That-Suck> They better cover lots of stuff and be specific!

For years dealers have had a virtual monopoly on service plan sales. Now you get to save by buying direct! We offer the same warranty available at thousands of Dealerships Nationwide for less.

Cars-That-Suck> A "virtual monopoly"!?! - isn't that the same as A MONOPOLY!? Idiots.

If you expect to drive your 1999 VOLKSWAGON more than 36,000 miles over the next 3 years (the yearly average is 16,000 miles), you need the best Vehicle Protection Plan available today from Car Care Warranty. Some of our coverages include:

Transmission/Transfer case
Drive Axle (from/read)
Air Conditioning
Braking System
Master brake cylinder
Power Steering pump
Starter Motor
Water Pump
Fuel Pump
Drive Axle
Electronic high-tech
Heating & Cooling
Fuel Delivery system
Audio Center

Cars-That-Suck> Nothing special there. Most of those types of repairs don't come close to their $1,200/year they are quoting from some study. Replacing the alternator, water pump, and fuel pump - most people do this themselves. Of course with a VW it will be beyond $1,200/year because of the repeat repairs. How about being detailed like "we'll pay for parts that fall off or window motors that fail - including labor!" That's what needs to be covered if you own a VW.

Please call 1-877-456-6052 before 5/29/2004 to be eligible for this program and you must refer to this Customer Identification number ******. Our Warranty specialists will be available Monday through Friday 9 AM to 9PM, and Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM Central.

This program is in conjunction with VOLKWAGON owners and only and will not be announced to the general public. Call Now and the Protection P will be in your hands in a few days. In addition to the great coverage provided by our Plan, you also receive the benefits of car rental and towing only a toll-free call away. All you do is sign for service and you'll be safely on your way.

Cars-That-Suck> Not announced to the general public? Ha, ha - to bad! - it is on the Internet now, biatches!

For any questions about Warranties and Service Advisories regarding recurring problems with your VOLKSWAGON call 1-877-456-6052 our friendly, knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you.

The Protection Team at Car Care Warranty
P.S. This offer is exclusively for ********, please respond within 48 hours by calling 1-877-456-6052

Cars-That-Suck> Consumers should be careful with companies like this. From this letter I wouldn't trust them. I thought about calling them to find out where they obtained my information from, but I'm sure VW sells it to make every buck they can and its not worth the trouble - bend over, insert, remove, rinse, repeat.

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